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Smallmouth Fishing at Huzzah Creek

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing - Huzzah Creek

Introduction to Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Huzzah Creek

Huzzah Creek is an often overlooked smallmouth stream. Located in the middle of great smallmouth bass country, it is easy to see how fisherman can look past this little gem. Still, this creek has been producing high quality smallmouth bass angling for years, and those who are familiar with it can vouch for it's productivity.

Huzzah Creek

Compared to the other waters on this list, the Huzzah is a small stream. It doesn't widen into deep, slow pools like many of our Ozark streams do. Still, the habitat is certainly there. There are some deep, if short pools, that are studded with boulders, weeds, and woody cover. There are also many fast runs where smallmouth bass like to hold, especially when they are feeding activily on crayfish and insects.

Huzzah Creek

Dillard Access to Red Bluff Access

The fishable water on Huzzah Creek begins at the Dillard access on the southern end of the stream. The water is very small at this point, but the water does deepen enough in areas to hold quality smallmouth bass. Still, the smallmouth bass in the upper reaches of the river don't grow as large here as in the lower Huzzah or in other nearby streams. This is a good area to target good numbers of smaller fish, but it is not the best place to look for a trophy.

Red Bluff Access to Dry Creek

The stream continues to grow slowly for several miles from the Red Bluff Access to the mouth of Dry Creek. This is still distinctly small stream fishing for smaller fish, but there are some slightly deeper pools, more forage, and therefore some larger fish than in the headwaters. Still, the fishing is very similar to the porion of the stream above the Red Bluff Access.

Huzzah Creek

Dry Creek and Downstream

Dry Creek, despite it's name, contributes a lot of cool, clear water to Huzzah, and the fishing is much better below it's mouth. The creek becomes deeper here, and has much more steady flows. The deep holes below the mouth of Dry Creek hold good numbers of smallmouth bass, and they tend to grow large. The water here provides much more typical Ozark fishing, with boulder studded pools and relatively deep, fast shoals. The fishing remains excellent to the streams mouth at the Meramec River. Huzzah Creek Conservation area offers an excellent opportunity with several miles of wadeable and floatable water.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques on Huzzah Creek

Small stream techniques are absolutely necessary on Huzzah Creek. Light line (no heavier than 6 pound test) is a necessity in the clear water. In the upper reaches, small lures are necessary. Baby Bombers, Mepp's Spinners, and Rebel Crawdad's are the lures of choice. Small topwater plugs also can be very successful. The small stream nature of Huzzah also lends itself very well to fly fisherman. In the mornings and evenings of summer, small topwater bugs work extremely well. During the day, small streamers, including Woolly Buggers, Crayfish Patterns, and Muddler Minnows work well. Despite it's small size, Huzzah Creek is one of the best smallmouth streams in the Meramec basin, and is worth the effort of any fisherman who enjoys small stream fishing.

Lures and Baits for Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Huzzah Creek

  • Rebel Crawdad, deep diving
  • Spinnerbaits, 3/8 ounce to 1/8 ounce
  • Marabou Jigs (olive, White, and Black), 1/32 ounce to 1/8 ounce
  • 3 inch green tube baits, texas rigged
  • Rooster Tail Spinner 1/24 ounce through 1/8 ounce
  • Rebel Pop-er
  • Small Jitterbugs
  • 5" Zoom Curly Tail Worms (Green Pumpkin), Texas Rigged
  • Nightcrawlers
  • Minnows and Crayfish (they work well, but you'll have to catch them yourself using a minnow trap)

Flies for Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Huzzah Creek

  • Don's Crawdad #4-#10
  • Woolly Bugger (Olive, Black, or White) #4-#10
  • Clouser Minnow #2- #8
  • Deer Hair Bass bugs #2-#8
  • Muddler Minnow #4-#10

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