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Cryptocurrencies for steaking - the most profitable coins of 2022

Steaking is a great way to generate passive income through cryptocurrency holdings. It is suitable for investors who are not yet ready to engage in trading, but want to make money from digital coins. We have studied the market in detail and compiled the top most profitable coins for steking in 2022. This guide will help you choose the best cryptocurrency for steaking.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies

DeFi Coin - the #1 choice for steaking in 2022

DeFi Coin is the official token of the decentralized DeFi Swap exchange. DeFi Coin can earn up to 75% per annum per placement. No deposit in the bank, no securities can give such a significant profit.

Ethereum 2.0 - a coin for the long term

The Ethereum ecosystem is a win-win option for those aiming at long-term investments. ETH's full transition to the PoS algorithm may take about a year, but that doesn't stop Ethereum from topping our rankings. After the launch of the new Beacon Chain blockchain, it became possible to earn from ETH stacking.

Ethereum is the second currency after bitcoin in terms of capitalization, which has repeatedly updated its price high. Over the past two years, the value has increased twentyfold, and the bullish trend continues. It takes a minimum of 32 coins to become a full-fledged ETH validator.

More about crypto for staking

Solana is another promising DeFi token.

In terms of scalability, the Solana coin is virtually unmatched. It has several strong trumps:

- Fast coin transactions;

- Low fees;

- Growth from 18 to 100 USD in just one year.

Of course, Solana's cryptocurrency value dropped in early 2022. However, this is a common trend for most digital assets, so the coin continues to be in demand among active investors. By betting on this crypto-asset, you can earn from 7 to 11% per annum. The end result will depend on the platform chosen by the user.

Earnings from Solana tokens are possible in two ways. The investor needs to add coins to the wallet or make a deposit to one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, staking is supported by Ledger Nano wallet.


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