Getting Older, Smarter, and God Willing, Stronger

February 25, 2015


About a year ago to the day I was weighing in at a trim 273 lbs. Now granted, I am in the 6'3" range and am not a small guy even in perfect shape.  But at age 50, even though I was very active, I was checking off about every risk factor I could find for a "pop and drop" - likely to occur on a hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping expedition with people who love me and would be a little aggravated at my unwillingness to make basic lifestyle changes.  So I did.


I won't bore you with too many details, but I will simply say I made some hard choices on what I eat and added by the end of last summer before having to go back to work teaching, an hour of running per day.  I lost 50 pounds.


My hunting season was infinitely more pleasant, if not productive.  I had not realized my ability to cruise through the woods had deteriorated so vastly until it became so much easier in a relative short period of time.  I honestly believe that relative to where I was at the beginning of the process, my body is perhaps 15 years younger.


Over the winter I have lost a little ground - that means I have gained a bit of the weight back...5 pounds.  So where do I go from here?


I decided in the Fall while watching my son David run a half marathon I would join him in 2015.  Now that actually means I will see him at the start briefly, and an hour or so after he is done, I will be right behind him.  I have now redoubled my efforts and am andeavoring between now and then to lose another 30 pounds.  That will put me at the weight I was when I met my wife...a humorous thought.


If you are the type that makes resolutions to do things like this, and tell anyone about it, prepare to be ridiculed.  I was told at the beginning that I would ruin my joints and given a myriad of other dire warnings.  But my doc signed off enthusiastically on the plan, and that was good enough.


Today, I was attempting to explain to my coworkers what I was doing - some of them have run multiple half marathons this year.  My plan was me with derision.  My reaction... I thanked them graciously for the added motivation they had provided me.  I assure you, that God willing, I will run every step of my plan to prepare for this Fall's run.


The real deal is that I am working hard to make my time in the field with my family, doing the things I love and they love, the best it can be for the longest time possible.  I promise you that I have no desire for six pack abs and I will not post before and after pictures.  I don't have them to post.  That's not what it is all about.