Sons hiking in Missouri with dogs

Two Words that fit together like Hand & Glove

Think about the problems we have as a society. Think of the problems we have as families. Then, think of the ones that we have as individuals. It's hard to think how any of them are not improved by time spent outdoors doing the things we love.

It's not just intuition or instinct that suggests we are better off spending time outdoors. No, science has spoken on the fact that we are both physically and mentally so much better off when we spend more time outside doing things we love.  Those endeavors can be in solitude, or shared with our friends and family - I personally believe some of both is best.  Social interaction is healthy for us all, but time alone is important too. is about encouragement to get out the door as often and for as long as we can.  We endeavor to motivate and provide information to facilitate healthy experiences for individuals and families. We hope we can accomplish that, and that our readers reap the benefits.

So, whether hiking, hunting, cycling, climbing, fishing, or something else is what gets you excited about the outdoors, we are working to make this site work for you. We love to hear from our readers, so if you have comments or content suggestions, drop as a line at We'd love to hear from you!

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