Sons hiking in Missouri with dogs

The Great Outdoors-bringing families a little closer each day!

The outdoors always means different things to different people. Maybe you and your family engage with the outdoors by walking in local parks, maybe you trek in the Andes, maybe you hunt and fish.  As we learn more about the human brain, we increasingly are aware that time in the outdoors benefits our psychology.  

By spending time outdoors, we become more centered and healthy members of the communities in which we live.  You probably were just naturally aware of that.  It's instinct. Our bodies know we need fresh air and sunshine.  Family-Outdoors is about helping you and your family engage with the outdoors in the ways you enjoy.

We have a site full of information for hunters,fishermen, hikers, and more.  Our site is broken up by sections that focus on CAMPING, FISHING, HUNTING, and HIKING. To be honest, as time has passed, our family dynamic has changed.  

Our site at one time mostly focused on the hunting, fishing, and camping activities we did with our boys. Now, they are through school, have graduated from college, and one is now making the outdoors a part of his family life.

So now, we are doing some additional things like mountaineering, rock climbing, and other associated activities which we may bring into the site as well.  We invite you in and would love to hear from you with insights, experiences, and suggestions.

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