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Sons hiking in Missouri with dogs


The Outdoors as a family affair:

Fifteen years into "Family-Outdoors" and a lot has changed.  The purpose of the site is the same-getting information and ideas to individuals and families who want to enjoy the outdoors.  But in 2008, the biggest reason we started was to have a platform for my youngest son to write about his passions - the outdoors generally, but mostly fishing and a little bit hunting.

Now he is 30 and we have evolved to him being a forester and there even being grandchildren in the picture.  Still, the outdoors remains a central part of our family's life.  As we have evolved, we have added lots of facets to our activities.  There is much more hiking, mountaineering, some climbing, water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking, and mountain biking.

It seems like we just move in the directions where different parts of the family get interested. We just got done with a trip to the Cayman Islands with 3 generations of family celebrating our relationships through a beautiful outdoor environment.

In case you think hearing "Cayman Islands," we are high dollar jet-setters, let me assure you that the trip was fully paid for by side hustles and saving.  As they say, work hard and play hard...good words to live by!

So, as you look through our pages, keep who we are in mind. We'd love to interact on our forum or our FB page and hear you ideas about the outdoors or suggestions about what you'd like to see on the site.

Mt. Rainier
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