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Lower Mountain Fork River - Trout Fishing-Oklahoma

The Mountain Fork River in Northeastern Oklahoma is an excellent place to go after stocked rainbow trout and browns. Bank fishing is very good, especially in the heavily stocked Spillway Creek portion of the tailwater. Trout fishing continues in a year-round fashion for twelve miles below the dam, and Broken Bow Lake above the dam provides good bass fishing. Camping is available at Mountain Fork Park.

The record brown trout caught in this river weighed in at over 17 lbs, but this was almost double the previous record.

In addition to the fishing fun you can have on this river, there are some excellent whitewater floating opportunities. They run in the upper class I and class II levels so are not too much for the paddler with a trip or two under his or her belt. Most of the "fun" water is in the first couple of miles. Then you can concentrate on the fishing.

Lower Mountain Fork River Fishing - Oklahoma
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