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Too many times the outdoor magazines seem to be telling us we need to spend a million dollars to have the right gear to hunt.  It would be nice, but it just is not realistic.  Here is your source for where to get gear, what hunting gear you need, and how to care for and maintain the gear you have.

Hunting Gear Advice from Family-Outdoors


We have put together some basics for you on hunting gear. We have two hunting gear checklists-one in PDF Format (for which you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed) and the other formatted for a regular webpage viewing (HTML) version. The benefit of the PDF format is that it is easier to print.


Please keep in mind that these checklists are exhaustive. They include gear that you may not have or need, and cover gear necessary for many types of hunting. We suggest that you print the list and begin by crossing off the hunting gear you do not need.


More accidents occur due to tree stand accidents than by shooting accidents, and many of these injuries are severe...sometimes even resulting in death or permanent disability. Please take a moment to view this video on tree stand safety, even if you have years of experience.


We also have information for you on sighting in your rifle. This will help you save money in less ammunition needed to get on target. It will also give you greater confidence that you will successfully harvest the animal you are hunting and minimize injured animals that escape only to suffer and die later.


We have some assorted other articles that might be of help to you. Check back as we expand our list of articles from Family-Outdoors on hunting gear.


Hunting Gear Articles
Tree Stand Safety
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