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San Diego County Bass Fishing Lakes

El Capitan Lake

El Capitan Lake Fishing

El Capitan Reservoir produces some of the top largemouth in the United States.  The record bass goes over 15 lbs and given the incredible habitat and shad production here, that record seems not long for the world.

The lake is stocked with Florida strain largemouth and the conditions have allowed for exceptional growth rates. The lake is approximately 1600 acres and has depths that can run as deep as nearly 200 feet, depending on current lake levels.

Popular fishing methods include boat fishing, but also fishing from float tubes among the shore cover found in various places around the lake.

Dixon Lake

The official record largemouth from Dixon is 21.7 lbs, likely the same fish caught later when she weighed in at 25 lbs.  Other notable lake records include a 15.6 lb rainbow trout and 24 lb striper.

Starting in 2010, anglers were no longer required to possess a California fishing license to fish this lake, but required to purchase a daily fishing tag.  Most recently that permit cost $7, but check current information and regs as they can change from time to time.

Due to the very clear water and the well educated fish here, hooking up with a monster bass can be a challenge.  Private boats and float tubes, at the time of this writing are not permitted on this small lake (around 70 acres).  However, small boats with electric trolling motors are available to rent.  Some of the larger bass have been caught using offerings such as a white woolly bugger, sight fishing, with the sun at your back. It seems to be a tactic that works, but you may feel like a muskie fisherman who casts thousands of time for a fish.

The largest bass ever landed came from this lake at 25 pounds even.  It was foul hooked and so does not count as the world record, but it gives a pretty good indication that this lake produces some monster bass.  

While bass is what we are talking about here today, this lake is also stocked with trout and offers some excellent fishing opportunities.  Ten pound trout are commonplace.  Combine the excellent fishing opportunities and the beauty that surrounds this gem of a lake, and you will see why it is so famous.

Dixon Lake Fishing
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