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Escanaba Fishing - Michigan

Escanaba River Fishing

If you are looking for a true mixed bag fishing destination, this is the place. The lower Escanaba, which runs right through town is an excellent fishery for smallmouth bass and northern pike.


There are several dams in this area, and much of the fishing will be more like small lake fishing than true river fishing. Bait fishing is the easiest option here, and good smallmouth bass fishing can be had from the bank.


The upper Escanaba River is a high quality trout stream, and is known to produce lunker brown trout. The town is also on the Bay de Noc of Lake Michigan, and the lake itself fishes very well for walleye, pike, smallmouth, lake trout, and salmon in this area. Other worthwhile fisheries are the Sturgeon River (trout and bass), and Indian Lake ( walleye, pike, trout, bullhead, and bass.)


Almost all of the countless lakes, rivers, and creeks in the surrounding Hiawatha National Forest also hold walleye, bass, pike, and trout.

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