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Missouri Trout Fishing

Trout fishing Little Piney in Missouri

Missouri is arguably the best state in the Midwest for trout fishing. Obviously you'd get some argument on this point from states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and certainly Arkansas. There is at least a case that can be made for Missouri being placed at the top of the list.

Missouri is blessed with such an abundance of fishable waters by Midwest standards. There are options that are as diverse as large lake-style fishing (Taneycomo) all the way down to small Ozark Mountain streams. There are freestone style rivers similar to Western rivers too. Unless you are a fly fishing purist, the trout parks are another option not to be overlooked.

Trout fishing in Missouri is made possible in two ways primarily. In the Ozarks there are thousands of springs that contribute cold water to the rivers and streams into which they flow. This infusion of water in the lower 50 degree range is just perfect for sustaining rainbow and brown trout - in fact making reproduction possible in certain stretches. The other factor is the tailwaters of dams where cold water flows from the bottom, creating long stretches of cold water for trout.

In the articles below you will be able to find ample information for planning your trout fishing adventures in Missouri.


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We have put together a very thorough HATCH CHART for fly fishermen in the Ozarks region. It will open in a new page.

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