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Bryant Creek Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Bryant Creek Smallmouth Fishing
Bryant Creek and North Fork of the White River Fishing Map
Introduction to Bryant Creek Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Bryant Creek is an excellent smallmouth bass stream without much of a reputation . This beautiful tributary of the North Fork of the White River in southwestern Missouri has great scenery and some of the state's best smallmouth fishing from its modest headwaters downstream to its mouth.

Fishing Bryant Creek Above Hwy 95

Above the Highway 95 Bridge, Bryant Creek is primarily a wade fishing stream. The small water of the upper creek lends itself very well to wade fisherman, with this secluded reach holding some bass of surprising size. An adventurous floater could handle the water above the 95 Bridge, but still it is best suited to wade fishing. This headwaters area is especially beautiful and worthwhile to fish. Good wade fishing accesses on the Bryant above the Highway 95 Bridge are at Vera Cruz and Bertha Ford on Highway N.

Hwy 95 to Sycamore Access Fishing

Below the Highway 95 Bridge the Bryant becomes larger. This is where the stream becomes primarily a float fishing water, although it still can certainly be waded. The first good float on the river is from the 95 Bridge downriver to the Sycamore access. This is nearly a ten mile float and that can be a long haul on this small water, but the fishing is excellent in this area with many deep pools and riffles that hold bass.

Sycamore Access to Warren Low-Water Bridge

The next good float is from the Sycamore Access downstream to the Warren Low water bridge. This float is a little shorter which makes it easier to manage in a single day, and the fishing is just as good as further upstream. It is somewhere in this area that the creek becomes a small river. The possibility for larger bass is also better in this area as the stream gets larger and deeper.

Warren Low-Water Bridge to Cook Access

The final good float is from the Warren Low water bridge to the Cook access just three miles from the streams mouth. This lower portion of the river is much larger, as the stream can be backed up by Norfork Lake in times of high water. This is excellent smallmouth bass water, but striped bass, walleye, spotted bass, and largemouth bass can also be caught.

Baits and Lures at Bryant Creek

Bryant Creek’s smallmouth can be caught on a variety of lures, baits, and flies. Topwaters such as spooks, jitterbugs, and poppers work very well, as do crayfish crankbaits, tubes, and plastic worms. Nightcrawlers, crayfish, and minnows work well for the live bait fisherman. The creek is also an excellent fly fishing option do to its relatively small size and clear water. Good flies are woolly buggers, Clouser Minnows, poppers, and crayfish patterns. Bryant Creek is a beautiful stream an and excellent fishery for all varieties of smallmouth anglers.

Lures and Baits for Bryant Creek
  • Rooster Tail Spinners

  • Rebel Craws

  • Tube baits

  • Plastic Worms

  • 1/8 Ounce Spinnerbaits

  • Nightcrawlers

  • Crayfish

  • Minnows

Flies for Bryant Creek Smallmouth Fishing
  • Woolly Buggers #4-#12

  • Clouser Minnows #4-2/0

  • Popping Bugs

  • Muddler Minnows #2-#8

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