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Fly Fishing Basics

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Fly fishing is only for people with a lot of money and coordination, right?  Well, no!  It is a sport that with some practice is attainable for all.  


The key to it is to learn a little at a time, and to assume you will never have "learned how to fly fish."  That really is the beauty of fly fishing.  It is a life long endeavor.  This article will give you and your family the basic information you need to start this rewarding activity.

When we decided to offer a section of our website devoted to helping people get started with the sport of fly fishing, I decided I would not sugar coat what is involved in the process. There is an initial learning curve, and it is one that is present even if you are a veteran of other forms of fishing. There are the issues of gear, tackle, and casting. All of these bare little resemblance to their counterparts in the "traditional" fishing world.

We would encourage the reader to examine why they might want to take on the process of learning to fly fish. If after doing this, you still are wanting to begin the process, I suggest that you steel yourself to the idea that initially you will encounter a fair bit of frustration, and devote yourself to seeing this initial stage through to the time where you have a basic level of proficiency. Depending on your circumstances and where you fish, you will deal with inordinate amounts of tangled lines coupled likely with low levels of success catching fish.

So, what you might wish to do right now is stop and reassess whether you want to go on with this process. If you do, we have developed a set of resources that will guide you through the initial stages of what we consider to be an awesome pasttime. You will notice right away that we have gathered the best of the best of what is already available. But to make it better, we have arranged these resources in a manner we believe is the correct order to proceed in learning the sport.

Finally, I recommend one book for the newbie fly fisher person (here forward referred to as fisherman, but referring to either gender). This book is a great companion to the process we will bring you through as you follow out step-by-step method and you can use it as a part of deciding whether you are certain this is a journey on wish you wish to embark. The book is Fly Fishing by John Merwin.

Next on the agenda is learning the basic gear you will need to get started. We will be operating under the assumption that the first stage will be learning to fish for trout and/or smallmouth bass or fish in the same size categories. To get started, click on the link Learning About Basic Gear.


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