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Fishing Middle St. Vrain - Pleasant Valley Area

Middle St. Vrain Creek up in the Pleasant Valley and Camp Dick area is stunningly beautiful and has bountiful fishing access.  Big fish are hard to come by, but that's ok.

There are fish above the bridge that crosses the stream leading into Camp Dick, but from what we learned, fish are stocked from this bridge and we found the size and quantity of fish better from the bridge downstream.

For the fly fisherman, we suggest a 7 1/2 foot rod and start off going with smaller copper johns, pheasant tails, and hare's ear nymphs.  You will need to sneak those casts into some tight quarters and drifts are short and you do not get a lot of second and third drifts before pools dry up.

We did throw some spinners...mepps 00 and spinner flies seemed to be what worked best.  

Above the bridge, we found some nice fishing too, but very small fish and definitely on the very small size (4-8 inches).  The beauty for us was worth the sacrifice.

We camped in Camp Dick and enjoyed it very much despite the fire ban (at the time we made our visit) and bear visits.  Get a reservation well ahead and make sure to get a shady spot for summer excursions.  Also, USE THE BEAR BOXES provided. While we were there, someone left a cooler out overnight and that turned out to be a mistake.

See the map below for general location and post below your experiences from the area.

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