Basic Fishing Knots

There are not a lot of critical skills when it comes to fishing.  There is one fishing skill that you cannot succeed without having some proficiency.


For most applications, knowing several fishing knots will get you by.  Here is some basic information on some basic fishing knots to help you and your family land the big ones (and the small ones too).


Basic Fishing Knots

There are a few knots every fisherman should know. Although it might be a feather in your cap to know a lot of fancy knots, most good fishermen concentrate on fishing and the habits and habitat of their targets. Learn these few knots and you should be in good shape for most fishing needs.

Described below are the uses for and techniques for tying the following fishing knots:

  • Surgeon's End Loop

  • Bimini Twist

  • Spider Hitch

  • Dropper Loop

  • Improved Clinch Knot

  • Blood Knot

  • Polomar Knot

  • Surgeon's Knot

  • Uni-Knot

  • Nail Knot

  • Snelling a Hook

  • Albright Knot

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