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Barren fork creek trout fishing - missouri

Missouri has many hidden gems as far as small trout fishing streams go.  It seems that telling about them does not create much of a problem because the VAST majority of trout fishermen in Missouri are fixated on the trout parks or one of the four or five large trout streams.


As the article points out, these streams are not going to produce wall hanger fish or supply too many dinners for the family.  What they will supply are memories of trout fishing beautiful and secluded streams in solitude.  It's not for everybody, but it might be right for you.

Trout Fishing Barren Fork Creek, Missouri

Barren Fork Creek in south central Missouri is not a stream that many people drive long distances to fish. This little creek is of the most unforgiving sort to the angler. It is a tight, brush lined creek with very little casting room. The trout are extraordinarily spooky, and fish numbers themselves are not especially high. Still, this is a great place to test your skills against some of the most difficult trout in the region.

Technically, the Blue Ribbon trout area begins at the County Road AD bridge, but the fishing doesn't begin for almost another mile to the point where Twin Spring enters the creek. Publicly accessible trout water extends for less than a mile downstream. Habitat appears to be relatively poor, but the trout have a knack for hiding themselves in every nook and cranny that they can fit into. The fish populations have been steadily improving over the years, so there are always enough fish to provide a careful angler with good sport. The trout fishing extends another couple of miles to Sinking Creek, but the lower portions of the creek are privately held, and you'll need permission to fish. No trout are stocked in Barren Fork, and they have sustained themselves for several decades. An 18" minimum applies, and you can only keep one fish. Artificial lures and flies only are allowed. The trout in Barren Fork are known to be exceedingly frustrating, and if you need a break, the nearby Current River and Sinking Creek provide excellent opportunities for smallmouth bass and stocked trout.

If you are looking for a technical, difficult little wild trout creek, this is a good one to try. There are many streams where more fish can be caught, but the rewards can be found on the not so barren Barren Fork.

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