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Wild Fish and Game Preparation

At Family-Outdoors we believe that a significant portion of the reason for hunting and fishing is for the food value of the game.There is an adage that says the preparation of wild fish and game begins in the field, and that is a very wise statement. No matter what recipe or food preparation techniques you use, it is difficult or impossible to make the taste of game that has been poorly cared for in the field. Large game should be field dressed immediately if possible, fish cleaned as soon as possible, and all game should be cooled quickly. For some tips on how to fillet a fish, visit the Fishing Tips Page at Family-Outdoors. For information on how to field dress a deer, visit the link Field Dressing Deer.

cooking smallmouth bass

Smallmouth Bass caught in NY's Adirondacks... simple recipes with Andy's Seasoning and fried in oil.  Not the healthiest way to cook fish, but it sure is good!

Wild Game and Fish Recipes

Links to Recipes for most Wild Fish and Game

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