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Using Google Earth to Scout Hunting Areas in Missouri

In addition to the MDC website, our Public Hunting Area Resources, the USFS Mark Twain Web Pages, and our analysis of Mark Twain hunting areas, an indispensable tool for scouting public land in Missouri and elsewhere for hunting deer, turkey, and other game, is Google Earth and "KMZ" files that add overlays for areas of interest to Google Earth.


The Missouri Department of Conservation has created a really nice add-on to Google Earth for its conservation areas in Missouri. It allows the user who has installed the necessary KMZ file to view conservation areas in Google Earth with their outlines mapped as overlays on Google Earth imagery. There is even clickable links which brings up useful short descriptions of species populations, area regs, and activities permitted on the area. The imagery can be used as a useful first step in analyzing an area for hunting activities.


First, you need to have Google Earth installed on your computer. Go to Google Earth


Next, download and install the MDC KMZ files. If you place these on your desktop and double-click them, Google Earth will open with these overlays displayed.


Finally, to see USFS boundaries in Missouri (and elsewhere) you can display parks and US National Forest borders by enabling the Parks and Recreations layer folder in Google Earth. It will display campsites, national forest info, trailheads, and more.

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