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Outdoor Mental Therapy

Speaking for myself, the last couple of years have presented "challenges." However you look at things, it'd be hard to imagine that there is anyone who can't say that. How are you dealing with them? Even more, how did you deal with them before the world got so weird? There are a lot of coping mechanisms we can use and we've tried a lot of them collectively.

I am making the case here today that one piece of the puzzle for mental health is the outdoors. I could have guessed this to be the case going back to my childhood...when things got ugly at home, where did I want to go? Outside. A walk through the woods...maybe just sitting under a tree looking at the clouds go by, made me feel like in the context of this big world, maybe problems were not so overwhelming. It worked for me then, and it works for me now.

It requires some effort sometimes. There are days where I feel drained and the last thing that appeals to me is to go do something. But, I have experienced this enough to know that it's the times when I want to do it the least that I need it the I go. The combination of the surroundings and physical exertion is therapy that money cannot buy.

Which brings me to a due diligence statement...I do not think this is a panacea that will fully cure every ill. I am positive that it can help anyone, but that for some, other interventions like therapy from medication or a counselor is also required or helpful.

Give it a try if you don't use this free option already. Let us know what you do that is making a difference.


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