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Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park

Jedediah Smith State Park is part of the Redwoods National Park system and is the northernmost of them all, located just south of the Oregon border and near the coastal town of Crescent City, California. There is plenty to do for a trip anywhere from overnight to perhaps a week or longer.

Jedediah Smith Campground is about as nice a campground as you will find anywhere. The sites are fairly secluded and giant redwoods literally shoot directly into the sky from many of the sites. We did not observe all the sites, but from what we saw there seem to be no bad choices. We were there during a span that went across weekdays and the weekend. Things definitely were more pleasant on a summer weekday as things really got busy over the weekend.

The campground accesses the stunningly beautiful Smith River and a footbridge is available during summer months to cross over to the short but incredible Stout Grove Trail. The river is nice for swimming and if you are there to fish, some great opportunities await. A wide variety of wildlife inhabits the are as well.

On our first evening we took in the Stout Grove Trail and were left in a state of true wonder. If you have never experienced the splendor of these amazing trees, you just cannot imagine how awe inspiring they are. No pictures can do them justice.

The other must do in the area is the Boy Scout Trail, named after one of the behemoth redwoods along the trail named the Boy Scout Tree. We asked a few people about the name and no one seems to know precisely how it acquired its name.

After taking in the sites in Jedediah, you cannot go wrong spending some time taking in the vistas along the rugged northern California coastline in and around Crescent City. There are some decent dining options, museums, and also at certain times of the year, whale watching can be enjoyed from high points around town.

We flew into Portland and drove a rental car down - not a bad drive - especially if you incorporate Highway 101 along the coast of Oregon and California. We were headed next to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Otherwise, flying into San Francisco would also be an attractive alternative.

Anyway, if you have not seen this area yet, GO!

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