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Little Lost Creek Trail - South HWY B to HWY EE Trail

Took a hike yesterday through Little Lost Creek Conservation Area along a trail I have taken many times. My son, David, and I have Spring Breaks that coincide for the first time ever. He accompanied me, and since he was looking for a workout, we added some tangents to the hike to accomplish this.

Straight through, this trail, round trip comes in at about 5.5 miles if you do not include any of the spurs off that we took. Our RT was exactly 6.7 miles in total. The trail has some hills, mainly in two sections.

Elevation profile from Google Earth of Little Lost Creek Trail from HWY B to HWY EE

As you can see, the trail drops down into Little Lost Creek Valley. This drop comes at about the one mile mark. There are some outstanding views as you come down the hill. The hill is steep and covered with large rocks. Towards the bottom, the footing can be slippery after wet weather. At the bottom, you will cross over Watkins Branch of Little Lost Creek before a flat section in the valley, at which point you will cross Little Lost Creek.

The fields in the valley of Little Lost Creek serve as habitat for many birds and large and small mammals. If you approach quiety, you may see fox, deer, coyote, rabbits, as well as many bird species.

Little Lost Creek Valley fields

After crossing through the fields, you will arrive at the Little Lost Creek crossing, and look for the sign to the EE trailhead.

Follow the trail which will soon turn very steep up onto the ridge. Once you are on the ridge, you will have relatively flat terrain through woods and then old fields until the EE parking lot.

This is an excellent trail in terms of beauty and for exercise. Below are some additional images followed by a link to the MDC page where you can download a map and see area regs.

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