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This is 110% a car camping behemoth of bulk and weight! Let me say it a little more clearly...this tent is of no use at all for any purpose besides a campsite that is within a pretty short distance of where you park your vehicle.

Big Agnes is a domestic outdoor supplier located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. That gives them a leg up on any foreign competition in our book anyhow. But even without this advantage, from what we have seen so far, their gear is made to work well and we think to last.

We've now put our Big House through the paces on a few Summer and Fall trips. On our first trip to Michigan, we had not bought the vestibule (see below).

The tent was rock solid through a couple of serious wind and rain storms. Additionally, by virtue of the guy lines on the sides and back, plus an awning on the back that can be propped open by a velcro brace, ventilation is quite good.

What we did not like in this configuration, is that entry and exit in rain is nearly impossible without water penetrating the interior. The awning you see with the fly helps some, but if there's any wind driving the rain in the direction of the door, some dampness will incur the interior of the tent.

So, we went ahead and ordered the vestibule for our next expedition (along with the footprint, though the tarp we had used first was okay). The photos below show this configuration.

One negative review I had read on the vestibule was that it was difficult to erect and attach. I am not sure how one could come to that conclusion. It really could not be easier. There are zipper entries on both sides of the vestibules which can be left open during hot weather. The vestibule is large enough for two camp chairs if one needed to sit out a spell of wet weather.

One thing to consider is that this is not a big 4 person tent. We have had three adults and their gear in the tent, and while we certainly could fit a fourth, we'd have had to do some arranging.

So, if you are after a reasonably priced car camping tent that just works, is relatively easy to set up, and will likely last you quite some time, you may wish to give this one a look.

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