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Fall Bowseason in Missouri starts off feeling more like Summer

For those of us who have been out some in the first couple of weeks of the Missouri bow season, as can sometimes be the case, the weather has been a bit on the warm side. This presents the hunter a couple of dilemmas.

First, the hot weather slows down deer activity in daylight hours. From my trail cam, I can see the action has been running towards the early and late end of the legal hunting hours - that is if anything has shown up at all.

I have been getting out in the evenings after work, and this presents another challenge. Arrow one right at the end of legal hours, and without a locker, you have a lot of work to do before the sun comes up for another day of work. That's assuming too, that you find your deer that evening. When it has been as hot as it's been, you feel like leaving a deer over night is not really an option.

All that doesn't really matter because not much in the way of opportunities have been arising at my end of the world. Except for lots of mosquitos, I have not minded much as my evenings in the field have been relaxing and beautiful. I have seen plenty of other wildlife as well as the beginnings of Fall colors starting to take shape.

This weekend would have been a good one to get out as the weather turned cooler. Family

duties prevented that, and I had a great weekend doing what I was doing - no regrets there.

Fall is pretty awesome - hunting, football, and soon cooler weather for good. Lookiung forward to all of it!

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