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Get Outdoors - Fall is Missouri's Best Season

I am sitting here writing this blog post - then I am going outside...I promise!

Fall in Missouri is hard to beat. The state turns from oppressive Summer heat that can carry over through September, and this year somewhat even into October. It seems we are finally really full scale in the sweet spot for when Missouri begins its apex of the Fall season.

The Fall colors are beginning their transition here, and am guessing down in the Ozarks where I am headed tomorrow God willing, they will be a bit behind us. Often, when we hunt the rifle deer season down there, the opening weekend is spectacular (early to mid-November).

There are so many things you can be doing outdoors. If you are a bowhunter, you probably already are spending quite a bit of time in the woods. You have the option of hunting deer or turkey, and for shotgun hunters we have the Fall turkey season.

Hiking and camping are perhaps at their finest in Missouri in the Fall. The sleeping weather simply could not be better. Not too cold, but a bit of briskness. It seems a lot of folks and families put their outdoor gear away after Labor Day, which in my mind is a big mistake.

The fishing is still pretty decent too. If you like having more water to yourself, you will get that

right now. Ozark streams are still good, the lakes have fewer boats out, and the trout parks are a little less overrun as kids are back in school.

Don't think you have to plan a grand expedition. If you have plans to settle in and watch Cardinal playoff baseball, or more importantly Mizzou football, you spend some time out this morning and afternoon, and then feel a little better eating the snacks during the games.

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