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Eastern Missouri Landowner's Learn about Food Plots

Want to see more wildlife on private land that you own or manage? Here's an opportunity for folks on the eastern side of the Show-Me state to get a head start on attracting more deer, turkey, and other wildlife. The MDC does such a great job with these educational programs and it's a win for everyone!

What does this have to do with our mission at Family-Outdoors you might wonder. Well, the whole idea of experiencing the outdoors is to have an environment in which the natural environment can thrive. MDC certainly has the ability to manage the public land they oversee to promote these ideas, but that land (in fact all public land in total in Missouri) represents just a small percentage of all the acreage in the state. We all have to work together to make our

state great for nature, wildlife, and people. Plus, it increases the value of private land.

For additional information about hunting, fishing, and other outdoor endeavors, you will find great information across the site here at Family-Outdoors.

Jay Henges Shooting Range to host Setting Up Food Plots for Year Round Wildlife program March 8

Learn what, when and how to plant to attract a large diversity of wildlife on your property.

EUREKA, Mo.—To paraphrase a famous line from the 1989 film, Field of Dreams, “If you plant it, they will come.” Hunters and wildlife watchers can create a field on their property that will attract the deer, gamebirds, and wildlife of their dreams. All it takes is some basic knowledge of how to create a viable food plot.

The Missouri Department od Conservation’s (MDC) Jay Henges Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center will host Setting Up Food Plots for Year Round Wildlife, Tuesday, March 8 from 6- 8 p.m. The program is free and open to all ages. It’s an opportunity to prepare for the coming spring food plot planting season.

The guest presenter will be Chris Grellner from the Valley Park Elevator, who will take the mystery out of how, when and what to plant for food plots.

Grellner will cover what to consider when determining a good food plot site, along with the best times of year to prep and seed the site. Attendees will learn the benefits of each crop option, like rye, clover, oats, wheat, and beans. Grellner will also talk about the importance of testing the soil and what the sample results indicate.

Should you use lime or fertilizers? What about overseeding and using clover? These are some of the other topics Grellner will address.

Finally, the presentation will focus on the equipment needed to complete the job, and the pros and cons of renting versus buying it. Grellner will also have related products to show. At the conclusion, he will be available for questions and discussion.

Setting Up Food Plots for Year Round Wildlife is a free program, but advanced online registration is required at

The Jay Henges Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center is at 1100 Antire Road, just off I-44, exit 269 in Eureka.

MDC asks all participants to observe current local social distancing and masking guidelines. Bringing and wearing face coverings is encouraged when appropriate.

Program registrants should note that families now have the option to link their children’s accounts to their own which will streamline the program registration process. Once a group account is set up, parents will be able to register their children to an event without having to logoff and login for each person. This allows parents to register an entire family or select family members to an event at the same time.

Stay informed of MDC latest programs by going to the MDC St. Louis regional events page at


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