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Missouri Outdoors News - June 29, 2021

This morning, I am seeing a few things that Missouri outdoors men and women might be interested in. After a bunch of days of rain following super hot weather, thinking about Fall deer hunting might be in order, so let's start with that.

Missouri Managed Deer Hunts

Starting July 1, you can apply for Missouri managed deer hunts. If you are new to deer hunting in Missouri, these are special hunts for which you'd not be allowed to hunt unless you have applied and been chosen. There are regularly scheduled seasons separate from these. General hunting info is at

These hunts run from September through I believe, January. Information on these can be found at You have until July 31 to get in your applications and results are announced in mid-August.

Educational Opportunities

If you like learning about the outdoors, here are some upcoming classes:

Mountain Biking Opportunities in Mid-MO

First, MDC wants people to remember...

Always bike safely on Missouri trails:

  • Make a plan and tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to return.

  • Wear a helmet.

  • Stay on the trail.

  • Use caution, manage speed, and anticipate trail obstructions.

  • Share the trail, announce when passing hikers, horse riders, and other trail users.

  • Prepare for bike repairs and other emergencies; pack food, water, sanitizer, lights, and anything else you may need if your trip takes longer than planned.

  • Maintain physical distancing, wear a mask when appropriate, protect yourself and others from disease by following health guidelines while on the trail, and while traveling to- and from your destination

MDC allows bicycles on conservation area roads and trails open to vehicle traffic, and on designated trails, except where posted. Conservation areas offer plenty of mountain biking opportunities across central Missouri, just a short drive from home. Learn more about these, and other mountain biking opportunities at, and download the MO Outdoors App for mobile devices.

MDC Conservation areas allowing MTB riding:


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